Thank you for visiting our web site. We chose to have a presence on the web to be able to communicate quickly and effectively with our clients, and to give prospective clients a way to find out more about us before meeting face-to-face. Please take the time to visit the various sections of this web site – their contents will give you a better idea of our approach to investing and how we put portfolios together for our clients. The Contact section gives our telephone numbers, as well as the information required to reach us by email. Finally, we have included a Links section as a value-added service to our clients – these links will take you to other web sites that we think would be of interest or use to you in helping you understand the principles of investing and the workings of financial markets.

We have the expertise and all of the necessary resources at our disposal to help you reach your investment objectives. We provide each of our clients with a personalized approach and an investment portfolio that is custom-built to ensure the best fit with their individual needs.

Our mission statement is simple, but powerful: we bring all of the expertise, tools, products and services required to bear in order to manage the world's most important investment... yours!

I bring over 16 years of investment experience to assist you in achieving your investment goals and objectives. Backed by NBF Securities, my training and personal experience enable me to offer you exceptionalservice. My target market is Professionals, Business owners, IPP's, Immigrants, High Net worth clients with investable assets of over $250,000.

I am very passionate about my clients achieving their financial goals and strive to achieve it through stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, New Issues, Preferred shares and GIC's.

I speak several languages including Cantonese and Mandarin apart from English. My duties as a wife and mother of 2 kids keeps me busy and I still have time to enjoy my passion for travel and visiting new places.