Investment Approach

We are a full service brokerage with the expertise and resources at our disposal to help you reach your investment objectives. We provide each of our clients with a straightforward personalized approach to an investment portfolio that is custom-built to ensure the best fit with their individual needs and lifestyle.

Investment Process

Begin by understanding where you stand with a free, no obligation review of your current financial situation. We identify where you can cut costs and simplify your portfolio from excessive fees, risky over-weightings and costly diversification.

Proceed to determine your goals and needs by addressing such concerns as:

Retirement & Lifestyle: realistic savings projections and solutions so you can avoid chasing risky returns and the rude awakening of outliving your money or lifestyle.

Pension planning: how to make the most of your employee pension plans.

Tax planning: every dollar you keep is a dollar you earned. Develop strategies to reduce your tax burden and get you the highest after-tax return possible on investments.

Finally, we match your unique needs and aspirations with your investment horizon and risk tolerance to create an investment portfolio ideally suited for you.


We have a clear approach of disciplined money management that focuses on capital preservation and getting our clients the highest return with the lowest risk and volatility possible.

Our expertise is providing clients with:

  • Income generation and;
  • Capital preservation and growth through the hedging strategies of the Canadian & US Permanent Portfolios.

Client Services

Investment Advisory Services: Each client is provided with specific investment opportunities based on your distinct needs and our extensive experience.

Discretionary Portfolio Management: Portfolios are managed on a discretionary basis through the Canadian & US Permanent Portfolios. This allows us to protect our client’s money with rigorous discipline and the ability to act quickly.

Financial Planning: Depending on your needs, our team can provide advice and strategies for a financial plan designed to help you build your financial future or, if you have more complex needs, an in-depth financial plan that leaves no stone unturned.

Wealth Management Strategies: Clients have access to a full array of wealth management services, Will and Estate planning, high net worth and tax planning, risk management, insurance services, and charitable giving.


Canadian & US Permanent Portfolios
Stocks (Common & Preferred Shares)
Treasury Bills
Bonds (Government & Corporate)
Guaranteed Investments (GIC)
Stripped Bonds
Mutual Funds & Closed-end Funds
Equity & Bond Baskets


Investment Advisory Services
Discretionary Portfolio Management
Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP & LIRA)
Tax Free Saving Account (TFSA)
Retirement Income Funds(RRIF/LRIF & LIF)
Investment Trusts
Education Funding (RESP)
Pension Plan Services