Our Process

What to expect when we meet, and our process:


>    Listen - we get to know you, your values and principles.

>    Goal Set - we help you to identify and prioritize goals, aspirations, and concerns.

>    Collect Information – we establish your current financial position together.


>    Current Progress - we analyze your current financial position.

>    Options - we go through the options with you and make recommendations.

>    Wholistic Design - together we design a plan addressing your goals, aspirations and concerns.


>    Disciplined Approach - we implement our disciplined investment approach which is designed to preserve capital and grow your wealth.

>    Results - we strive to reduce risk while delivering above average consistent returns.


>    Updates - we work hard to keep you informed about your portfolio through regular communication with you.

>    Goals - we review your goals and help you stay on track to meet them.

>    Continuous Observation - we regularly client portfolios, staying on top of changing markets.

>    Re-balance - we adjust your portfolio as it grows to ensure it is performing optimally for you.