The Silicz Birdsall Advisory Group

By choosing our team, you can count on us to be there to provide you with the guidance and information you need to reach your financial goals. We have the knowledge, skill, and training to develop a personal financial plan that perfectly matches you and with more than 50 years combined experience in the financial industry, we are ready and excited for what the future brings.

Our Service

Many advisors have a specialty from selling insurance to buying stock, and while we pride ourselves in the wide variety of services we offer, we specialize in providing the best possible service to our clients. We believe that the most important component to providing good service is listening to you, really listening to you, so that we can understand exactly what you need and provide the right advice to you. In other words, advice that is easy to understand and brings real value to your life.

Client Testimonials

“I am very satisfied with the way Charlene and the rest of the NBF staff are managing my portfolio.” -Al M.

"I have worked hard for my money, and trust Charlene's expertise to look after it." -Rick B.

“Always helpful and aware of needs.” -John F.

“I always feel at ease when making decisions with Char, she is concise and considers my time.” -Edward S.

“Satisfied Client.” -Mr. & Mrs. Leonard T.

“I am very happy and do not worry about my investments.  Advice to change when needed is prompt and always has the client in mind.” -Pat W.

“Keep up the good work.” -Darren A.

“I am fully satisfied with the service I receive.  All transactions are explained in layman’s terms that I understand.” -Bonnie C.

"Keep up the good work!  I have watched my mom's (Germain) portfolo steadily increase.  Always nice to receive a call from Charlene." -Rick B.

"I really appreciate the help I receive from Charlene!" -Linda W.

"Appreciate Charlene Birdsall's professionalism and positive personal interaction." -Dieter and Ellen M.