Investment Approach

Investment Philosophy

With over 30 years experience, Grant is dedicated to providing his clients with following:

a) The Preservation of Capital

b) Providing a Consistent and Competitive Rate of Return

c) A Focus on High Quality Businesses, Research, and Diversification

d) A Disciplined Approach to Portfolio Analysis

Investment Strategy

a) Buy Bonds & Preferred Shares that have a Fixed Maturity Date.


If interest rates start to rise or inflation fears build, we are holding products that will give us back our investment at a future date.

b) Keep the Average Bond Maturity to Less than 5 Years.


If interest rates rise, we do not want to be locked-in at lower rates. Longer duration Bonds are more volatile.

c) Focus on Corporate and Convertible Bonds versus Government Bonds.


Yields on corporate and converitble bonds are much higher and many corporations have better balance sheets now than at any time in the past 20 years.

d) Buy Bonds with a Minimum Offering Size of $100 Million.


For liquidity.

e) Focus on Equities with Strong Balance Sheets, Good Dividend Yields, and a History of Increasing Dividends.


To reduce volatility and to get 'paid while we wait' for capital appreciation.

f) Broad diversification by term, industry, issuer, and to a lesser degree, geography.


To reduce risk.