Mullane Wealth Management Group

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Kevin Mullane has been with the Edmonton branch of National Bank Financial since 1986, and is a Senior Investment Advisor and Vice President.

With over 30 years of experience, Kevin is a seasoned veteran in the financial marketplace. Kevin's disciplined investment process has helped clients achieve their goals through all market conditions.

With a wealth of collective experience and a depth of knowledge, the Mullane Team utilizes the expertise of each group member to provide clients with an exceptional level of service.

If you would like Kevin to review your financial situation and provide a second opinion on your investment portfolio please feel free to contact our team for a meeting. Kevin can be reached directly at (780) 412-6605 or by email at

Client Testimonials

Comments like these from our clients inspire us to do what we do:

"Kevin, Kyle and Chris make an 'outstanding team' in the financial management sector. Their consistency to provide exceptional service, wisdom, insight, reliability, effective communication, and professionalism, has provided us with confidence as investors. . . ." - Elaine and Bill K.

"Kevin Mullane has been our financial advisor for over twenty years.  We feel that he has managed our money very well and has stayed within the values and guidelies that we discussed with him.  His disciplined investment approach has allowed our portfolio to thrive." - Diana and Harold W.

"Kevin and his team confidently guided us through the recent tough economic times. . . . Honest, reliable, ethical and highly recommended." - Cathy and Brad R.

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