Matthew Barrie

The cornerstone of our business is helping our clients make the financial world an easier place to understand.  Like many investors, the demands on your schedule probably do not allow you to dedicate as much time to the management of your financial affairs as you would like. 

We aspire to deliver an exceptional experience and trustworthy advice every time you deal with our team, whether it is a simple phone call, helping you to understand the Capital Markets or providing you and your family with personalized wealth management advice.

We help you to uncover what matters most to your family, including: financial planning, risk tolerance, investment growth, retirement planning, income requirements, estate planning, wealth transfer for future generations and philanthropic initiatives. Based on our conversations and your family’s needs, we determine your optimum asset allocation so we can implement investment portfolio strategies that will work to achieve you investment objectives.

Our team is highly committed to ensuring you understand your financial situation and receive timely, transparent and trustworthy counsel.  This commitment allows you to achieve a sense of security and confidence in the knowledge that your interests are being cared for and allows you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy your personal, family and professional endeavors.