Welcome to the Fini-Wedge Wealth Management Group.

Frank Fini and Murray Wedge are the partners leading our team. Though we come from diverse backgrounds and differ in age, we share one driving force: a passion for investments. We see the tangible impact our passion and disciplined approach has on clients and the meaningful long-term relationships we build with them. We feel genuine responsibility and care for our clients and their financial well-being. What we do matters. 

Frank and Murray joined National Bank Financial (NBF) in 2002, working together since 2005. NBF allows us the freedom to advise and manage our clients as we see fit, always acting in their best interest as our core guiding principle. There are many different successful wealth management approaches. While our approach is not the only one, the success of our long-term track record speaks for itself. We manage one of NBF's largest wealth management portfolios, with over $500 million in assets, and one of the largest discretionary management platforms. 

We understand you are entrusting us with your money and your future financial well-being. In our experience, building confidence and trust in us as your advisor and the disciplined approach we offer will maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you'd like to know more about our approach and how it can work for you.

Frank Fini and Murray Wedge