Our Testimonials

I have been a client of Drew’s for about 25 years. In that time frame he has guided me safely around the markets’ icebergs (even the Dot Com era), so I wish to say thanks for the balance of prudence and risk, and wish him continued success. David, Richmond, B.C.

I have the utmost confidence in Drew and his team; moreover, so does my wife. Jeff, White Rock, B.C.

We wish to commend you on your care for our investment portfolio. It has catered well to our evolving retirement with investment diversity and overall predictable holdings. It is reassuring to be in our "personal mutual fund" investments, where we do not feel the need to be apprised of the individual stock/bond details and timing. John and Barbara, West Vancouver B.C.

We have been with Drew for many years and have the utmost confidence in his investment advice. We are comfortable with his handling of our portfolios. Jack, South Surrey, B.C.

I have been dealing with Mr. Fernandes and his investment team for more than a year now. I have found them to be receptive to my questions and concerns. Mr. Fernandes has shown himself to be cautious and accurate in his stock picks. Gerry, Surrey, B.C.

As someone who spent his entire career as a reinsurance broker, albeit in a different, although not entirely dissimilar business, the thing I value most is your independence. I completely understand the need for corporate guidelines such as counter-party risk, for example, but it seems clear to me that in establishing these and other corporate guidelines, you have managed not to overwhelm your own educated and intuitive understanding of the principles of risk and reward. I take enormous comfort in the fact that many of the decisions that critically affect my interests as your customer are properly made right here in South Surrey, instead of Toronto or Montreal. Vic, Burnaby, B.C.