Our Approach

Manyof our clients perceive the Parent Paiement Group as the quarterback of theirfinancial decisions. In fact our team combines competence, integrity, personalservice and conservatism. Due to our integrated approach, we see ourselves asour clients personal CFO. Our approach is simple and effective; offer the bestrisk-return over 5 years by integrating financial planning, estate planning andfinancial security.

Our team can teach you how to properly diversify your portfolio andidentify solutions that fit your needs, your goals and your risk tolerance. From the beginning of ourrelationship, we will offer you all the support necessary for the propermanagement of your assets. Together, we will determine your objectives and yourinvestment profile based on your investment horizon and what you wish to dowith your money. We will monitor your assets, rebalance your portfolio asneeded and contact you regularly to review progress and take stock. What wewill do for you is: understand, plan, act and follow up.