Frédéric Lagacé

Frédéric Lagacé, Financial security advisor, insurance, pensions and group savings.

A partner of National Bank Insurance ( CABN )*, Groupe Lagacé & Associés is a financial service firm that aligns with the financial objectives of entrepreneurs and professionals from all horizons.

Independent advice and client-centered approach:

- As a first line advisor or as an insurance expert complementing the expertise of a financial advisor, lawyer, notary, accountant or tax expert, their role is to clarify the financial vision and specific needs of the client.

- They analyse the means available to manage risks relating to business activities and shareholding, tax and financial risks, as well as risks in the personal realm: illness, disability, death.

- They craft a complete action plan, with scheduled actions and follow-up so they can track progress in meeting goals and adjust the strategy.

- They look for strategies and insurance products that can best support the financial plan and make adjustments, on an ongoing basis, as the needs or situation evolve.

- They help clients understand the various products and the way in which they work, they answer questions from other specialists that are less knowledgeable about the insurance industry. Gaining a deep understanding of the financial plan adds a layer of protection and helps in getting expected results.

Mr. Lagacé launched his own business over 20 years ago, fascinated by the possibilities insurance offered to create and protect wealth. He has spent as many years immersed in the affairs of entrepreneurs and professionals, and of the high net-worth individuals intent on protecting their loved ones and their assets.

Its integrity combined to its professionalism makes him a valued partner from our customers.

* National Bank Trust Inc. and National Bank Inc. are exclusive subsidiaries of National Bank of Canada which Securities are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange ( NA: TSX )