Why ?

Why should you become our client ?

Our clients do look for peace of mind and trust.

Many investors don't have the time, the knowledge, or even the interest to manage their portfolio. However, it is important for them to participate in that process, to discuss the approach and methods of investment with us.

Left on their own, investors can become their own enemy, buying when prices are high and selling when low. Unfortunatly, it is easy to succomb to the pressure and take décisions based on emotions when there is no one to guide you. In the same manner as a personnal trainer who pushes you to bacome more fit, a good advisor will support you to maintainyour finances in good health. Our role includes the following aspects;

- encourage savings and regular investments,

- maintain an open and honest communication and strengthen your investment knowledge,

- behavioural counseling to help you avoid make poor decisions at the wrong time.

The Gélinas - Bossé team and their partners work together in order to offer you a wide range of wealth management services, a meeting with us will be a enjoyable experience that will inspire confidence and trust with the team.

You will chose us for;

- our commitment to achieve your objectives,

- for the innovation in all aspects or our services,

- for the integrity in or advice,

- our professionalism,

- our respect,

- our transparency in our compensation.

Investing is not only a money matter, it is a matter of time and energy !

Invest it wisely with a team of specialists that will take good care of all your financial needs !

Our objective

To become your main financial partner

Our mission

Maintain strong long term relationships with investors, based on trust and mutual respect.

Manage your financial assets focusing achieving your long term objectives in simplifying your décisions making process.

As a winemaker who takes care of his vines, we work carefully to make your portfolio grow in the long term.

Our main core values of our tagline ... Your trust is at the core of our passion !

The life cycle and the importance of updating you plan

With time, as your situation evolves, your financial situation must reflect that reality. Managing your portfolio, preparing for retirement, or the withdrawal phase, you are faced with countless possibilities and it could be difficult to go through.

That's our business: we will listen to your needs and recommand investment vehicles that will correspond to your situation and your expectations. We put our expertise to your service in order to give you the best opportunities in all aspects of wealth management while respecting your values and investor profile.

As your situation changes with each major life events, personal an professional, then your financial situation changes too ! It's important to update your plan regularly in order to stay focused  on your goal !

The following graphic demonstrate the typical steps per objective;