Enduring relationships are the outcome of promises fulfilled. 

As a team, we gave ourselves the mission to become your trusted professionals for all of your concerns in regards to your financial well-being. To achieve this vision, we take the time to throughly understand your needs and motivations in order to propose a personalized solution. Whether it's for your Financial Plan,  your personalized investment solutions, your risk management needs or your Estate Plan, we carry the experience and expertise to meet your expectations. 

This site has been created with the purpose of presenting our team, our philosophy, our service offering and our business process. We invite you to browse the whole site to learn about us and the benefits you would receive by doing business with us.

A remarkable journey 

2019 - Portfolio Management Excellence Award - Ontario Region 

2019 - Rising Star Award - Simon-Pierre Dubreuil - Ontario Region 

2018 - Team of the Year Award - National Finalist

2017 / 2018 - Team of the Year Award
Ontario East / North Atlantic Region 

2016 - Wealth Management Excellence Award - Ontario East / North Atlantic Region 

2015 / 2016 - Wealth Management Excellence Award - National Finalist 

2014 - Portfolio Management Excellence Award - Ontario East / North Atlantic Region 

Let us help you achieve your goals.