Clarity.  Insight.  Partnership.

If you are looking for a truly comprehensive wealth advisory service, built on the principles of financial planning and designed solely to help you reach your goals, Christianson Wealth Advisors may be the place for you.

That’s what we provide through Clear ThinkingTM.

Our long-term clients are mature, financially independent, and conscientious delegators, who enjoy an all-inclusive advisory partnership with professionals they can trust. 

They found that partnership with Christianson Wealth Advisors.  Those people have built up their own wealth through hard work, and they want it to be protected, managed efficiently and preserved for future generations.

Clear Communication.  Clear Disclosure.  Clear Thinking.

Our specialty is personalization and customization, celebrating the uniqueness of each family we serve.  Let's talk or meet to determine if we have common ground for a relationship.

Please call Raelene Roy at (204) 925-5149 to arrange a phone call or meeting.

We look forward to getting together and wish you all the best!