“Finding the right platform with the right partners to support our dedicated institutional client base has been a work in progress. We have and continue to fine-tune our offering by being innovative and putting our client’s needs first to bring to them the creative answers they require in these truly challenging global capital markets”. 

Agents, Fiduciary Duty and Mutual Trust

Bruton Investment Group team members understand intimately their role as Agents to their valued Clients.
With this comes a fiduciary duty anchored on mutual trust. As Agents, this demands B.I.G. team members always advocate and represent Clients honestly and provide advice and services always in their interests, competently and transparently, while remaining disciplined and organized, well informed and abreast of market conditions, investment products and strategies, risk control measures and tax savings opportunities.

What else is expected from us?

Every B.I.G. team member is focused on creating for Clients the stress free experience they expect to ensure the achievement of their investment goals and objectives steadily and confidently through tailored to Client Strategies, Product and Service Solutions.
Additionally, it is understood that all Clients look to Bruton Investment Group for capital preservation, portfolio growth and income generation while risk and taxation are minimized.
  • Every person wants to realize their dreams for themselves and their loved ones, retire comfortably, and achieve the multi-generational transfer of family well tax efficiently;
  • Every owner of a business or professional practice wants to build a well-capitalised profitable business, ensure its long term continuity, while always ready for a successful and tax efficient exit strategy – business succession; these hard working visionaries and job creators want to concentrate on the growth of their businesses and professional practices confident their personal and business held investments achieve the best possible returns, and taxes are minimized; they also want to be certain that employee health care and retirement entitlements are well managed; and, 
  • Every Corporate and Institutional CFO and Treasurer needs cash flow managed efficiently, needs to protect capital and achieve the best possible returns on short and longer term financial investment portfolios as well as employee health care and retirement entitlements.