Investment Instruments

As IIROC licensed Investment Advisors, we offer our Clients the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of local and international issuers of most Financial investments such as:

  • Private Placements, Limited Liability Partnerships;
  • Stocks /Common Shares, Equity Mutual Funds, Equity Exchange Traded Funds;
  • Sector Specific Equity Mutual Funds and Sector Specific Exchange Traded Equity Funds;
  • Preferred Shares, Preferred Share Mutual Funds and Preferred Share Exchange Traded Funds;
  • Equity and Debt I.P.O.s Initial Public Offerings;
  • Flow Through Shares and Flow Through Investment Funds;
  • Money Market instruments, Short Term GICs, Bankers Acceptances, Short Term Commercial Paper, Money Market Mutual Funds and others;
  • Long Term GICs;
  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal and other Government Bonds, Crown Corporation Debt Issues, High Yield Corporate Bonds, Corporate Debentures, Mortgage Backed Debt Instruments, and Mutual Funds that specialize in Investing in Debt Instruments;
  • Principal Guaranteed Bank Step-Up Notes;
  • Fully or Partially Principal Protected Bank Structured Product Notes Equity or Index Linked
  • Balanced Mutual Funds, Balanced Exchange Traded Funds;
  • Hedge Funds; Exchange Traded Hedge Funds.
We may also advise and invest for clients through Discretionary Portfolio Managed Accounts that specialize in Equity and Fixed Income Investments, or a combination thereof.

Investment Avenues

Private Clients may invest almost all the above listed investment instruments through these, among other Registered Investment Savings Vehicles, namely:
  • RRSPs – Registered Retirement Savings Plans;
  • SRSPs – Spousal Registered Retirement Savings Plans;
  • RDSPs – Registered Disability Savings Plans;
  • RRIF  - Registered Retirement Income Funds;
  • SRIF – Spousal Retirement Income Funds;
  • RESPs – Registered Education Savings Plans;
  • TFSAs – Tax Free Savings Accounts.
Private Individuals, Families, Businesses, Corporations, Trusts, Foundations, Non-Profit Entities, Charitable Organizations and Institutional Clients can also invest in almost all the above listed investment instruments through these Investment Accounts, namely:
  • Cash Investment Accounts; and,
  • Margin Investment Accounts.