The principal objective always being to produce results as expected by their Clients in a stress free relationship.

“Getting to know and grow with our clients has given us the knowhow, expertise and process to quickly start and support new and existing client relationships well”.

Client Onboarding Process, Financial Plans and Investment Policy Statements

In order known and understand Clients, create Financial / Wealth Management Plans and develop Investment Policy Statements that best address their needs, Richard and team start the process by conducting detailed Client interviews.

Through these onboarding interviews, B.I.G. team members determine a Client’s Financial position, plans for the future, goals, objectives, investment knowledge, risk aversion, and everything of particular importance.

Once the interview process is complete, B.I.G. tailored-to-Client Financial /Wealth Management Plans and Investment Policy Statements (I.P.S.) are developed for the Client’s approval.


Once Client approval is obtained for the Financial /Wealth Management Plan and Investment Policy Statement (I.P.S.), Richard’s team recommends a specific selection of Canadian and/or Foreign investments in either Equities and Fixed Income Instruments or both – depending on the parameters agreed to in the Investment Policy Statement of each individual Client.

Monitoring and Feedback

After implementation, Richard and other B.I.G. team members monitor Clients’ investment portfolios, recommend changes when necessary, meet regularly to discuss their objectives and goals, investment performance, update Financial / Wealth Management Plans and Investment Policy Statements.
This ensures the team remains always focused and up to date on achieving what is most important for its Clients while adapting to their changing circumstances and market conditions.

Client Advisory Team Involvement

Richard’s B.I.G. members are proud to be part of the advisory teams their private, corporate and institutional Clients. These Client advisory teams typically comprise of Accountants, Tax, Legal, and Management experts, Treasury officials and Board Members and Company Executives.