Why us?

Why do Physician Families work with the BDC Group?

We manage over $300-million of assets – Nova Scotia doctors place trust in their assets with our team.

We have a 99% client retention rate –We ensure our clients are satisfied and keep them on track for the long-haul.

We have a less than a 1% employee attrition rate – Our team has a long history of ensuring client needs are met, with consistent staff you can rely on consistent service.

Over 80% of our new business comes from referrals – Our clients love to share their experience with family, friends, and colleagues – it is an experience worth telling friends about!

We are the preferred choice for Incorporated Physicians in Nova Scotia – We have worked with physicians for 25 years and Physician families have told us that they confidently place their trust our ability to meet their complex lifestyle needs.

Our client-to-support staff ratio sets us apart in the industry – We have amongst the highest ratio in National Bank Financial Wealth Manager, what does this mean? More people working for you!

Results: Here at BDC we continuously monitor investment opportunities (see our Investment Philosophy) But more importantly We work closely with your family and additional Professionals to ensure that your personal and financial goals are being met. Results are very important and we try to provide perspective to our clients in relation to their goals versus the traditional approach of using returns as an indicator of goal progress.

The People: We have built a team of dedicated professionals who know and understand the lifestyle of our clients, each member of our team is a dedicated expert in their role. We continue to reinvest in ourselves so your investments are all they can be. Visit our team section to learn more. 

Wealth Management: We are not just investment managers and advisors but rather an all-encompassing team of wealth management professionals to help you secure and optimize your net worth. We facilitate this holistic approach through two principles:

  • Alignment/Fit: We don’t ‘sell investments’ or do we receive adjusted compensation for suggesting investment X vs. Y, this means no bias – only advice that fits your goals & criteria!  By understanding our client's overall situations allows our team to make decisions that fit into the overall plan and strategic inputs to leverage the families' overarching goals.
  • Relationship: Bluteau DeVenney Caseley Wealth is independently owned by the professionals who work here; a group with more than 25 years’ experience and an average client relationship of 15 years – relationships are the core of our business. Following this approach has allowed us to achieve depth in our relations with clients to better help them reach their goals and protect what’s important to them – Our clients continue to say that their advantage is truly the amount we care.
  • Visit our Wealth Management section to learn more.

Exclusive Investment Opportunities: Physicians deserve exclusive investment opportunities & products, not a cookie-cutter, one –size-fits-all relationship. Our clients enjoy access to preferred investment opportunities and a selection of the country’s top investment managers. We continuously interview the best investment managers to explore opportunities while exercising our strict due diligence process. We are dedicated to creating value for you.

Transparency: You don't work for free & we don't either. We know this, and our clients know this - so why are fee discussions such a sensitive topic? Here at The Bluteau DeVenney Caseley Group we encourage this conversation, our team is here to take care of our client's financial affairs and help them reach their goals, we display our value and communicate the cost. No hidden fees, charges, or complex percentage calculations – our client's are amongst the brightest but are not investment experts so we communicate this in plain English.

Visit How We Calculate Fees

It is important to us that you understand how and here your money is being invested, plus you receive a greater understanding along with confidence in your investment strategy.

Services for Physicians: We have been working with physician families for over 25 years and utilize this collective experience to bring enormous value with planning & opportunities all while considering the context of the physician & your family. Visit our Physicians section to see where we can help you.

If you are a physician; studying-to-be, practicing or ready to retire we feel certain you will feel very understood and much at home here.

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*Insurance is done through NBF Financial Services a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank Financial, and it is not covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.