So let's get straight to the point....

Why should you entrust us with your money?


I pride myself on being a student of the market. In doing so, I have 25 years of direct market experience. As well, I am a Chartered Financial Analyst, a distinction recognized globally as the gold standard in financial expertise.  In terms of access to financial data, we spend significantly more than most of our competition on supplementary market data...and it pays off.


Perhaps more importantly, I am a passionate investor and take pride in my results. Needless to say, I continue my efforts long after the markets have closed, and the competition has gone home. Why? Because my clients and family depend on me. I work closely with my clients and I personally invest along side them.


I operate in state of complete transparency and honesty; demonstrated by a clean compliance record with no client complaints. I see my business as a partnerships with clients in which trust and communication are the keys to a successful relationship. Furthermore, I am actively involved in the community and look to lead by example, not just at work but in my day to day life as well. 


My dedicated associate is there to provide top quality service at a moments notice. Accessibility is essential, and we pride ourselves on being reachable by direct phone line (during working hours and after hours) and by email (during working hours) to provide fast and accurate service, no matter what.   



The securities or sectors mentioned are not suitable for all types of investors and should not be considered as recommendations. Please consult with your investment advisor to verify whether this sector or security is suitable for you and to obtain complete information, including risk factors. The opinions herein do not necessarily reflect those of National Bank Financial.