National Bank Financial Wealth Management is a full service investment dealer.  This means that we can provide a full range of investment services and access a vast array of products to help you meet your wealth management objectives. 

In order to ensure our clients are properly cared for and are comprehensively looked after we can offer our clients financial planning services, estate and insurance planning services, in addition to portfolio management and access to award winning research.  We believe it is important to utilize all these services to establish a comprehensive Wealth Management Strategy.

In addition to these services we offer a wide range of traditional investment products that can be utilized to meet your financial goals. The following is a list of some of these products :

  • Individual Equity Investments
  • Preferred Shares and other Fixed Income Investments
  • Discretionary Management Solutions
  • Structured Products
  • Alternative Investments
  • ExchangeTraded Funds (ETFs)
  • Mutual Funds
  • GICs
  • Insurance Solutions

Insurance services are provided by National Bank Financial Services (NBFFS).  NBFFS is not a member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the products sold or provided by NBFFS are not guaranteed by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

The securities, products or sectors mentioned herein are not suitable for all types of investors and should not be considered as recommendations. Please consult your investment advisor to verify whether the securities, products or sectors suit your investment profile as well as to obtain complete information, including the main risk factors,regarding those securities, products or sectors.

An investment in mutual funds may give rise to brokerage fees, follow-up commissions, management fees or other fees.  Please read the prospectus prior to investing.