Our Approach

Our approach favorises integration for a more global management of wealth.

1)   Planning for retirement and financial projects.


2)   Asset management and investment strategies.


3)   Estate planning and analysis of insurance needs.


4)   Fiscal strategies.


1)    Planning for retirement and financial projects.

Having a strong relationship with my clients is the basis of our approach. It is the first step to excellent advising.

We offer an analysis and a projection of your retirement. The purpose, to understand your goals and objectives so that we can develop a personalized plan, that we update annually.

2)    Asset management and investment strategies.

In this step, it is essential to determine your investment goals in order to build your personalized portfolio.

In regard to portfolio management we are able to offer:

-Discretionary portfolio management services

-Asset management strategies designed for wealthier clients.

-Adapt to traditional investment strategies while advancing them to meet every client’s unique needs.

-Offer an efficient portfolio management strategy in the context of the Canadian markets and regulatory requirements.

-Disbursement strategy

3)    Estate planning and analysis ofinsurance needs.

After estate planning, the realisation of financial projects, the establishment of a personalized asset management strategy and the protection of your wealth are all an integral part of our global approach.

Each client is presented an analysis of their insurance needs delivered by our NBC insurance specialist.

4)    Fiscal Strategies

Working in collaboration with our fiscal specialists, we keep in mind that taxes can be a significant expense arising from non-tax protected investments. Our choices and strategies contribute to diminish your fiscal burden.

Our approach adds value in the realisation of your financial projects, and we will accompany you all the way through your event filled life.