Invesment Philosophy And Practices


Investment Philosophy

The heart of our investment philosophy can be summed up in a single word – Diversification. When it comes to investing, similar to many other aspects in life, it's preferable to focus on what you can control than on what you can't. Investment returns are dictated by financial markets which are largely unpredictable over the short term. Investment risk, on the other hand, is something which one can control – and the way to do so is with diversification.
Furthermore, your objectives and preferences on how your wealth should be managed are unique to you. I make it a priority to understand these objectives and preferences – such as leading a retirement without compromise, paying for a family member’s education, or creating a legacy.


My experience, expertise, commitment to your financial security, and access to the extensive resources of National Bank Financial will ensure all your wealth management needs are taken care of. In totality, my team and I do so by following two important stages: Connection and Conversation.

  1. Connection involves identifying your financial needs and risk tolerance so we can design strategies according to your objectives and preferences.
  2. Conversation involves building long-term relationships based on trust, personal care and clear communication. You can expect from us: quarterly or monthly statements, a semi-annual market update newsletter, periodic telephone updates, administrative support on demand, an annual portfolio review meeting, ongoing market update sessions, information seminars, access to new issues, research reports on demand, quarterly reviews on demand, timely service, and, most importantly, an unwavering commitment to your best interest.

My take on Global Research:

In order to stay up to date with the market and optimize on opportunities for you, I am dedicated to conducting research with a global perspective.

I believe market and security information in addition to expert advice are the keys to succeeding in a competitive marketplace. With access to research from a highly specialized team of research analysts and economists, you will have your finger on the pulse of world markets.
This, combined with the expert guidance of the JWMG, gives you the ability to act with confidence on any investment opportunities that arise