Client Testimonials

"In my 30 years of investing, I have not come across an advisor like Jason. He is genuine, honest, extremely knowledgeable and always puts his client' interests before his own"

- R. Baruni, Doctor

"Jason always made good use of simple and straightforward language, so that I could understand situations that are difficult to explain I appreciate this along with his good financial advice. In my opinion he is hard-working, dedicated and very astute in his business dealings. I recommend him highly to anyone."

- T. Howard, Retired Teacher

"Jason has handled my financial portfolio, as if it was his own. He is highly reliable, trustworthy and competent in his field of specialty. He is enthusiastic when answering my questions being highly critical and at the same time recommending solutions with concrete facts, numbers, and due research."

- M. Kursheed, Senior Design Specialist

"During this challenging time of my life, Jason has both provided guidance and excellent customer service. As a result, I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a personal financial planner."

- B. Foster, Director

"Jason is one of the most honest people in the industry I have met. He is knowledgeable and diligent. He does everything he can to ensure that his clients' specific needs are being exceeded and maintains his cool in any situation."

- A. Tan, Digital Media Executive

"Jason is a pro-active, attentive and immediately responsive. His personal attention with bi-yearly personal interviews of our portfolio along with his quick response to emails or phone calls usually concerning investment questions is a highly rated trait."

"He is not only kind but a sincere hard-working individual that one would one would be proud to call a friend."

- C. Adams, Retired Business Owner

We recently collaborated with Client Audit Canada to conduct a Client Survey to gain a better understanding of our client needs and interests and to ensure that the service they receive meets or exceeds their expectations.


A couple of key questions drawn from the survey are:

The range of service that my advisor provides meets all of my financial needs - 77% advised yes.
Your Overall Satisfaction with the Jovellanos Wealth Management Group, Jason Jovellanos is 87%

I was honoured to receive such positive feedback and I aim to extend my care and services to you, and your family and friends.