"I was originally a client of Mr. Whitehouse’s predecessor JD. At one time my wife and I had investments scattered across various institutions, and the original purpose of working with NBF was to consolidate our investments with one advisor. When JD retired, Mr. Whitehouse proved to be a knowledgeable and effective replacement, so we have stayed with NBF ever since.

Our objective has been to maintain a reasonably diversified portfolio with a moderate risk profile that is appropriate to our age and portfolio size. Mr. Whitehouse has a very good understanding of that objective, broad familiarity with the risk and reward characteristics of all publicity traded financial asset classes, and the ability to maintain a good balance of security types within a somewhat complicated overall portfolio. This has resulted in stable returns and reasonable asset growth over the long term, with apparently moderate risk.

The main benefit of working with Mr. Whitehouse has been to maintain our confidence that our overall portfolio will remain balanced and consistent with our objectives and circumstances, while continuing to be responsive to changes in economic and market conditions. The reporting mechanisms are excellent and provide a solid high-level perspective on our investments. Mr. Whitehouse and his staff have always been responsive to, and knowledgeable about, questions and concerns that have arisen in connection with our portfolio and markets in general.

Our arrangement with Mr. Whitehouse and NBF involves discretionary management for a fixed percentage-of-assets fee. His role is therefore to understand our objectives, risk tolerance, and overall investment preferences, and based on that to create and maintain an appropriate investment portfolio while ensuring that we remain fully informed and are consulted on major portfolio developments. This approach has worked very well over a long period to ensure positive portfolio performance and a comfortable balance between trusting our advisor to do his job and staying well informed about our investments.

All aspects of the relationship have worked very well over an extended period. Mr. Whitehouse and his staff are personable, helpful, and well-informed, the reporting has been very good, the investment advice has been sound and reasonable, and the long-term results been very satisfactory with a minimum of stress."
-KM. June, 2019.

"I would like to commend you on the re-balancing of my portfolio to remove the emphasis on the energy and resources sector. This was quite timely in view of the present precipitous decline. A friend of mine indicated he recently had large losses on his energy investments, so you saved me from that magnitude of a debacle. Thank you for your prudent management."
-L.K. January, 2015.

"We have greatly valued Jim's advice and investment choices over the last 10 years. Looking forward to working with him for many more years!"
-A.V. and B.N., October, 2014.

"We began investing with Jim over 15 years ago and we would highly recommend him to those seeking an experienced and proven investment expert. Jim is a very friendly guy and a good communicator.

"He is also able to explain the investment process in easy to understand terms.

"He's very approachable and takes the time to really get to know his clients. His conservative approach to investing is welcoming. Jim has a very calm and stable approach when dealing with volatile markets.  He doesn't get caught up in the 'hype'.

"He understands our level of risk adversity.  This is a comforting quality in a Portfolio Manager. 

"Jim is dedicated to his career. He values education and is continuously improving his knowledge of the industry which has resulted in added confidence and positive investment returns."
-J.E. and J.E., January, 2016.