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Discretionary Portfolio Management Services

What is a Portfolio Manager?

•      A Portfolio Manager is an investment professional certified by securities regulators who has Discretionary Management authority. To be a Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisors must meet strict criteria in terms of education and overall investment experience.

What’s the difference between an Investment Advisor and an Investment Advisor who also is a Portfolio Manager?

•     The main difference is that Portfolio Managers who have received Portfolio Management training recognized by regulatory authorities, are able to make discretionary decisions on a client’s account in order not to miss out on any market opportunities. This personalized discretionary management, reserved for wealthy and institutional clients, is offered at National Bank Financial through Investment Advisors who are also Portfolio Managers.

Benefits of doing business with a Portfolio Manager

  1. Personalized management and communication
  2. A rigorous process of accreditation
  3. The flexibility to quickly adjust your portfolio to market changes
  4. Fees tailored to your portfolio

I am one of the Investment Advisors in Canada who has attained the status as Portfolio Manager.  As such I am able to manage portfolio’s on a discretionary basis. The discretionary structure has tremendous advantages:

  • The discretionary platform enables me  to manage  time and resources much more efficiently and effectively and to focus on our quantitative models.

  • It enables me to place bulk trades and make changes on a moments notice if necessary. This means that if we decide to make a change (take a profit, add to a position, put in a stop loss order), we can (and must) do so for all accounts at the same time and price.

  • All clients are treated equally (and identically); it eliminates the bias to ignore the smaller accounts or cater to  larger clients.

  • It allows me to properly diversify each portfolio and not take transaction costs into consideration. It allows  us to have each client’s portfolio invested in the mandate best suited for that individual and tax situation.

To assist in Portfolio Modeling, I utilize a comprehensive, disciplined  institutional equity strategy software called MORNINGSTAR CPMS INSTITUTIONAL EQUITY STRATEGY SOFTWARE.

This rigorous high quality software program  allows me to build, track and customize my models.  Data is updated daily using powerful filtering tools taking into account thousands of variables to rank companies across North American Markets.