Portfolio Manager Jack

The title and role of a Portfolio Manager (PM) is only granted to those who have proven performance through extensive years of investment industry experience alongside the successful completion of a challenging course and exams offered through the Canadian Securities Institute. Jack earned his PM designation in 2017 and has been growing this side of his business practice.  Through superior analytical and communication skills, Jack's job on behalf of his discretionary PM clients is to create the right combination of securities to maximize his clients return for their level of risk.

As a Portfolio Manager Jack can free up some of your time to seek out activities and adventure you wish to pursue.  Jack will have control over the investment decisions,making implementation much timelier, which ultimately produces better results.  Rest assured Jack is constantly evaluating and developing strategies, executing those strategies, reviewing and rebalancing assets within his PM client's accounts.

If this way of investing appeals to you please contact Jack, Lenka or Taryn to learn more.

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