Investment Approach

Our focus is on creating balanced and sensibly allocated portfolios, using primarily income producing securities and a philosophy of preserving capital! We follow a rigorous discipline in the security selection process and strive to keep fees to a minimum. Our unique abilities are positioned in individual stock and exclusive bond selection, designed for both income and growth. We use options to enhance income and reduce risk in portfolios and provide efficient investment solutions for reducing taxation.

By taking your risk profile into account we create a customized portfolio to meet your investment goals and long term obligations. We realize that no two investors are the same and strive to create an all-encompassing financial plan to increase returns no matter the current state of the market.

Our approach to wealth management:

• Understand your needs and aspirations

• Design a customized financial plan centered around your goals

• Choose tax efficient strategies to accelerate savings and growth

• Construct a diversified, risk adjusted portfolio that limits volatility and improves growth

• Ensure your estate plan reflects your desires

In addition we work closely with a team of experts qualified to assist in all aspects of your wealth management needs:

• Carla Norris - Financial Planner, CFP PRP

• Dave Pettenuzzo – Insurance Specialist, CLU, CFP, CHFC, RHU

Furthermore we have a fully instituted tax team ready to answer any tax questions you may have.