Permanent Portfolio

Permanent Portfolio Works!

Permanent Portfolio is a simple, tax and cost efficient investment solution with an exceptional long-term track record with superior downside protection. 

While Permanent Portfolio is simplistic, it is not simple.  Permanent Portfolio is an asset allocation strategy based on economic cycle analysis separated into four basic categories:

1. Prosperity        3. Deflation

2. Inflation           4. Recession

At any point in time the economy will be in one of these phases or transitioning from one phase to another. The strategy does not attempt to predict which phase we are in or guess how long it may last.

Instead, it holds four specifically chosen asset classes at least one of which will respond well to the current phase. This is the “secret” of the strategy and why it works. No forecasts, predictions or guessing. Instead, it utilizes a simple, yet disciplined, pre-determined strategic asset allocation.

Our aim in launching Permanent Portfolio is twofold. First, offer all investors a simple, cost and tax efficient investment solution devoid of decision-making with a history of delivering solid returns.

Secondly, offer investors an investment solution that is easy to understand, implement and follow that is based on common sense!

I invite you to explore the enclosed presentation to fully understand Permanent Portfolio and determine whether this simple yet strategic approach to protecting and growing wealth fits with your personal financial objectives.

Permanent Portfolio Presentation