Our Approach

An Investment Philosophy That Makes Sense

Successful Investing requires three equally important components. 1.) Discipline 2.) Consistency of Strategy and Implementation and 3.) The Power of Compounding.

Kemp Family Wealth Management Group believes a disciplined approach and process is critical to investment success given the uneven nature of market returns. The power of compounding is the gift to the patient investor as it is only evident over time.

Our four-step wealth management process is designed to create a long-term strategy focused on individual needs:


Discovery allows us to get to know you! We will cover the tangible investment-related factors such as short and long-term financial goals, income requirements, taxes and estate issues. We will also focus on the intangibles based on your personal circumstances.

Analysis helps us define risk tolerances based on your knowledge, investment objectives, views on volatility, and time horizon while reflecting on past experiences. The objective here is to ensure that your portfolio reflects your personal, financial, philosophical and intellectual comfort levels under all market conditions.

Educate & Implement pulls the information we have gathered together into a unique investment solution tailored to your specific station in life. Portfolio asset allocation is determined based on your risk tolerance then the plan is carefully reviewed with you to ensure that you are comfortable with the strategy. Ongoing education is a cornerstone of our philosophy as we believe an informed client is a successful client.

Monitor & Review is the process of consistently monitoring the portfolio to ensure we maintain the proper asset allocation and therefore risk profile. Rebalance decisions are recommended as necessary. Progress Reports allow you to review one, three and five year performance on an annual basis benchmarked to the appropriate index