We share your concerns: preservation of capital, adequate income for retirement, minimization of taxes* and growth of your financial assets. In short, what the wealthy really want... is to stay wealthy.

Your relationship with Kemp Family Wealth Management Group at National Bank Financial begins with a disciplined process to help us identify your personal, financial and estate goals along with a thorough understanding of your risk tolerances. The result is an investment plan and strategy that is designed to be comfortable, consistent and achievable.

With more than 42 years of combined experience in the financial services industry that is currently investing over $100 Million for 250 families, the Kemp Family Wealth Management Group knows there are no shortcuts to success. Wealth management is a marathon, not a sprint. Our combined knowledge, depth of experience and broad understanding of the industry make us uniquely qualified to help create and build diversified, efficient investment portfolios for our clients. Give us a call. We appreciate the opportunity to apply for the position as your "trusted financial officer".

*As it relates to your investments.