Greg Klassen is not your typical investment advisor.  He goes beyond money management and takes a     hands-on approach to your investments.  Greg is regarded for being a stock picker.  This means that he spends his time relentlessly researching and learning the markets to seek good value opportunities.  He will work closely with his clients in order to create a customized portfolio that is selected based on their needs, as well as their appetite for risk and market interest.  Clients choose to work with Greg because of this personalized hands-on approach.

Greg as an innate ability to find a connection with his clients in order to build a level of comfort and rapport.  This forms the foundation for strong long-term working relationships that are based on trust.  Another critical component of Greg’s process is research, which conducts on numerous levels.  Greg will carry out research with you, the client, in order to identify your needs and expectations.  Greg also researches the market and stocks on a daily basis to see what prospects are available and to offer different products to his clients.  Additionally, Greg conducts research when working with a specific client to seek opportunities that will best suit their portfolio needs.

Once a portfolio is built, Greg remains in regular communication with all of their clients to keep them informed and up to date on any changes with their portfolio.  Greg makes a tremendous effort to be available for clients whether he is in the office or not.  He is always available to take your call to discuss any concerns, new opportunities or to clarify any questions you may have.  Greg is backed by the assistance of Nicole Works, who further establish the level of exceptional service offered by the Greg Klassen Wealth Management Team.