myWEALTH - Managed

This program allows you to give your portfolio manager a mandate in line with your investor profile, restrictions, constraints and investment objectives, they will then handle all of the necessary decisions involved in the day-to-day management of your portfolio on your behalf.

By working with a portfolio manager, you benefit from the services of a professional who is mandated to make the best decisions for you without requiring your prior approval on every transaction.

This is a discretionary money management service, for additional information please read - "working with a PM".

What are other benefits of this approach?

  • Our Success is Your Success – by having pre-determined fees puts you and your Portfolio Manager on the same side of the table, focusing on the same objective: growing your wealth.

  • Tax Deductible - all or part of your myWEALTH fees may be deductible for income tax purposes, please consult your tax specialist for more information