An investment team you can trust...


When looking for an investment advisor, it is important to find a team that you can trust to put your best interests first and work with you to achieve your financial goals. Our team recognizes that honesty and integrity are values that are immensely important in the financial industry. We strive to provide financial advice in accordance with these values while protecting and growing your investments.

As your wealth advisors, you can trust that we will be there to help you and your family navigate your evolving financial needs with greater clarity. We recognize that each individual and family is unique with their own set of goals, and we therefore tailor your wealth management plan accordingly.

Our objective is to protect and grow you wealth while minimizing your tax exposure. We approach investing with a patient, long-term strategy that translates into stable an consistent returns.

To learn more about us, please refer to "our team" to learn about our individual backgrounds and experience.


Sandra Genereux, B.SC., CFP, CIM, FSCI

& Samantha Sheppard, B.A.