The Nicolais Wealth Management Group

Frank Nicolais, CPA, CA

Portfolio Manager

Senior Vice-President

Senior Investment Advisor

For over 20 years The Nicolais Wealth Management Group (The Nicolais Group) has focused on prudent wealth stewardship and exceptional client service driven by sophisticated and strategic financial advice.

Starting with your first meeting, The Nicolais Group takes the time to completely understand your goals and needs in order to offer each of our clients a thoughtful and personalized approach to achieving their financial goals.

The Nicolais Group offers access to an extensive network of trusted service professionals. In addition to having a dedicated financial planner, estate expert and insurance specialist available, we also offer access to an extensive network of lawyers and accountants. We do this to meet the needs of our successful client base which includes entrepreneurs, professionals, family trusts, private charitable foundations, estates and institutions.

If you would like to consider engaging a private and professional advisory services group that specializes in serving the needs of successful individuals, families and institutions, and have available $1 million of investable assets, The Nicolais Group may be right for you.

To explore engaging The Nicolais Group, please contact Frank Nicolais at 416-869-8939 or at