Investment Philosophy

Having officially started my wealth advisory career in 2000, I have had the benefit of experiencing both bull and bear markets and have learned greatly from those periods in time. The market is always teaching us new lessons and my philosophy over the past years has become one based on reason and expectation. I invest for my clients based on their needs and I strive to educate and fulfill their wishes to the best of my ability.   

I have high expectations as to client service and delivering the best possible experience for my clients. Questions are always promptly answered and I strive to have my clients understand current market conditions and reasons for increases or decreases in the markets.  I truly believe that if one understands why things are happening, it makes investing a much clearer and fulfilling experience.

My passion for wealth management, retirement planning and at the end of the day ensuring that clients are able to reach their goals is of paramount importance to me.  My team has a positive and professional mandate and we strive to continually educate ourselves in order to offer the best knowledge and services for our clients.

Call us for a face to face meeting and assessment of your current portfolio. We are happy to assist and hope that we are a good fit to help you with all of your financial needs.

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