NBF Wealth Portrait

A solid financial plan includes an objective and comprehensive review of your financial situation combined with an action plan and recommendations that can help enhance your wealth and achieve a certain level of financial independence.

Our team of experts can assist you achieve your financial objectives by way of planning for your retirement,managing your money, planning for your child's education or carrying out a specific project. Working with our NBF partners, we will have all the resources required to help you choose a solution that suits your situation. 

Your first step is to start with your own personalized "Wealth Portrait".

NBF Wealth Portrait

We understand that you want to live your ‘best life’ now and be able to achieve your retirement goals. Our proactive approach will let you know where you stand by providing you with…

  • Your net worth and detailed cash flow statement.
  • Your personalized retirement projection addressing your specific goals.
  • Guidance on how to optimize your financial situation & define your next steps.

We will ensure that you understand the full picture, avoiding any future surprises. You will see where you are, and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Key Benefits:

  • In a snapshot, empowers and enlightens you about where you are relative to your objectives.
  • Receive a personalized plan and an action plan that will be reviewed with you, one on one, by one of our team member.