Asset Management

A key determinant to successful investing is owning a mix of assets likely to generate the returns you need while minimizing your exposure to risk. Using recommendations from National Bank Financial's reserach department, I work closely with my clients to determine the appropriate mix for them, and the monitor their situation to ensure it remains appropriate

Many financial issues affect us all: saving for retirement, minimizing taxes, setting aside funds for a major purchase or to finance a child's education. To reach your own financial objectives, you need to consider the challenges of building and preserving capital in today's increasingly complex marketplace.

Managed Assets programs offer a better way to manage the complexity and over whelming choice that comes with investing. They offer you professional money management, adherence to sound risk management principles and stringent portfolio monitoring. With an NBF managed assets program, you and I work to develop your overall strategy and then leave the day-to-day implementation of the strategy to the expert portfolio managers.

In order to achieve your retirement goals, you neeed to have a plan. Whether you are focused on the investment compnent of your retirement planor want to know more about how to maximize family resources, there are simple, effective methods to reduce and defer tax on investments, split income, enhance after tax growth of wealth, and preserve accumulated capital. A comprehensive review using NBFs Copernicus software planning program can give you a clear picture of your current situation and the option available for reaching your retirement goals.