Portfolio Management

My primary duty as an Investment Advisor is to manage my clients’ portfolios. This process begins with allocating funds to various asset classes based on one’s individual circumstances and tolerance for risk. Securities are then chosen within each category using strict investment criteria. Finally, the portfolios are continuously monitored and evaluated in light of market movements and other economic considerations.

Fixed Income: When it comes to fixed income my philosophy can best be described in two words: safety first. This can be achieved through government bonds, top-grade corporate bonds and structured products that include a guaranteed return of capital. Also, National Bank Financial has access to guaranteed investment certificates from financial institutions across Canada, thereby providing our clients with the highest interest rates available at all times.

Stock Selection: I build stock portfolios using a classic value approach to both mitigate risk and increase the probability of superior returns. Companies are first screened according to earnings, cash flow, dividends and financial health. I then rank them for attractiveness by studying the full-length reports of some of the leading independent analysis services in North America. When appropriate, overall returns may also be enhanced using options-writing strategies.

Mutual Funds: Mutual funds are an excellent way to achieve instant diversification across many asset classes. I consult the offerings of banks, insurance companies and independent fund companies to create a list of top picks in each category. My bias is for managers who employ a value or dividend style, paying particularly close attention to performance during volatile periods.

Discretionary Portfolios: A vast selection of discretionary portfolio alternatives is available for clients who do not have the time or inclination to be involved in the decision-making process. Third party solutions range from managed baskets of concentrated securities to the institutional methodology of our private wealth management team. One can also opt for a custom-built approach using the asset classes and criteria outlined above.