“When I was finally able to sell a land asset, Dean had arranged for an outside department to conduct an analysis and a 30 year plan. This was beneficial for me to determine if early retirement was feasible.”

“I feel that Dean is very capable of providing all types of financial assistance based upon that individual’s requirements…… His expertise is diverse and comprehensive.”

“Throughout time (early 1990’s), I believe that Dean has my best interest at heart. Just a few adjectives to describe Dean would be personable (down to earth), professional (demonstrates integrity in everything he does) and knowledgeable!”

Ruth A.

"......Dean worked with us and then initiated the development of a financial plan through a colleague within NBF. We are now far more comfortable with our future, the diversification of our accounts and the long-term stability that we have achieved."

"Dean has developed and very good understanding of our personal as well as our financial situation."

"Dean has been able to structure our portfolio in a way that delivers the results we expect. Dean has also been able to consolidate many of our investments to provide one comprehensive report that overviews where we stand. We value being able to trust Dean as well as the advice he provides."

Brian W.

"My time in the Army is rapidly coming to an end. An informal celebration is planned for March 27....."

"...... It would not have been possible to have had a long career without the support of the broader community such as family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, employers, etc. so I would be pleased if you could join us."

"You certainly have had a role as part of the wider community in facilitating my ability to go to Afghanistan. I took a pay reduction to go and that would not have been possible without the good work that you have done over the years."

Tony P.

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