As a full-service investment dealer, National Bank Financial gives you access to the full spectrum of investment vehicles to build your custom portfolio.

Increasingly, people have come to realize that making investment decisions on their own isn’t always the best way to create wealth. Many now recognize that their prospects for investment success can be vastly improved if they do what wealthy people have always done: focus on what they do best and take advantage of the expertise of professional money managers.

National Bank Financial offers a comprehensive selection of managed portfolio and fee-based programs. Our Turnkey Solutions include two different services: the National Bank Financial Ambassador Portfolio Service and the Baskets and Private Pools Discretionary Management Program.

Whether you and your family are looking to assign all portfolio management to a team of experts, benefit from advice while maintaining day-to-day decision-making authority, or combine your investments with banking services, we have a solution for you through our Turnkey Solutions. All Turnkey Solutions hire third party portfolio managers unrelated to NBF and therefore eliminate any perceived or potential conflicts of interest.

Complimenting NBFWM Turnkey Solutions are access to most third party mutual funds, best of breed managed platforms as well as exchange traded funds (ETFs).