With Private Council, affluent Canadians can now benefit from exclusive products and personalized service from a multidisciplinary team.

At National Bank Financial – Wealth Management, affluent Canadians with assets exceeding $1 million have access to an exclusive line of products to meet their complex and unique needs.

Private Council was created to offer you highly personalized service and solutions to free you of the burden of managing all the intricacies of your wealth. What you gain is the benefit of receiving expert advice from a multidisciplinary team specialized in different facets of your financial wealth, including:

  • Portfolio management;

  • Private banking;

  • Estate, tax and financial planning; and

  • Access to adequate insurance products.

Contact us for more information on this program. Our clients using this service have been unilaterally happy.

Insurance Products and Solutions are provided by NBF Financial Services, not NBF. NBFFS is not a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the products sold by NBFFS are not guaranteed by the CIPF.