A well-defined process provides structure to financial conversations. It can also provide definition to complex financial language so that a clear understanding exists between the advisor and client. Ultimately,the reason for having a process is to put clients into the best position for success.

Ask the right questions

Create a picture of your financial situation and where you are today.


What are your goals for the future?


How attainable are those goals? Which are realistic? Which are priorities?


            What actions are required to get you to your goals?


How comfortable are you with the actions needed toget to your goals? Are these things you can do? What can we do to keep you on-track?


Beyond the basic process are an assortment of tools which can be called upon as needed. Examples of these tools include: Estate plans, insurance strategies,financial plans, cash flow forecasts, automated savings plans, dollar-cost averaging, investor education, tax-harvesting, regular review meetings, on-line account access, portfolio construction, discretionary investment management.

Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential- Winston Churchill