Quarterly Newsletters

Fall 2020

In this Issue:  Navigating Through Uncertainty/Back-to-School time: Keep Good Records/Year-End Tax-Planning Checklist/Estate Planning: Looking Beyond the Will/the ongoing Importance of Diversification/A closer Look at Market Performance

Summer 2020

In this Issue:  The Increasing Rate of Change/ consider the Benefits of Dollar-Cost Averaging/ The End of the Office Era?/Economic Perspectives/ What Happens After a Bear Market?/ During Uncertain Times: Avoid These Investing Mistakes

Spring 2020

Perspectives for These Uncertain Times/Reasons to Choose One Executor/ Saving Tax Is a Year-Round Exercise/ The TFSA:  Don't Delay!/ Are Funds Owed to You?  $888 million remains Unclaimed/ do you Have Visibility Over Your Cash Flow?

Winter 2020

In this issue: Looking Ahead, with Confidence/ RRSP Season Again - The $1 Trillion Opportunity/ How Often Are You Checking Investment Performance?/ The Year Ahead:  More Stimulus Efforts?/ Don't Overlook the Benefits of Dividends/ Keeping Perspective:  Preparing for volatile Times 

Fall 2019

In this issue:  Investing Takes "Grit"/ Thinking About Gifting Funds to Adult Children?/  Back to School:Funding an RESP for Grandchildren?/ The Yield Curve and Interest Rates:  What do They Mean?/ Before Year End: Do Good; Save Tax!/ Year-End Housekeeping, Buffett Style

Summer 2019

In this Issue:  Pursue Your Plan With Confidence/ New Initiatives that May Impact the Young and Old/ Does Canada Have a Growing Debt Problem?/ Keep Probate Fees in Perspective/ during Volatile Times, Sitting Still Can Be Difficult/ Risk Tolerance Shouldn't change with the Markets

Spring 2019

In this issue:  Investing:Never a Smooth Road/ Keeping the Elderly Safe/ A Global Perspective:Where Does Canada Stand?/ Do You Need to Revisit Beneficiary Designations?/ Pension Income Splitting:  Can It Make a Difference?/ Seven "Sins" of Investing

Winter 2019

In this Issue:  Investing Resolutions for 2019/Spousal RRSPs Split Income, Save Tax/ Dispelling the RRSP/RRIF Myth/ Volatility:  More Common Than We May Think/ Fact or Fantasy: What's Your Retirement Plan?/ Kids & Wealth:  To Shirtsleeves in Three Generations

Fall 2018

In this Issue: Maintaining Optimism/ Offsetting Capital Gains: Tax Loss Selling/ Reasons to Be Thankful/ The Positives (and Perils) of Joint ownership/ The Bulls and The Bears

Summer 2018

In This Issue:  Keeping Perspective/ The Role of the Executor: A Large One/ Many Factors Can Affect the Timing of CPP Benefits/ Protecting your "Digital Footprint"/  Rising Oil Prices:  Paying at the Pump/ Index Asymmetry? Canada & US Index Performance

Spring 2018

In This Issue:  Volatility:Back Again/ In Brief: Federal Budget 2018/ Emotions and Investing/ Do you Have an RESP Withdrawal Strategy?/ Rising Rates and Your Portfolio/ Financial Considerations:  Losing a Spouse

Winter 2018 - Q1

In This Issue:  The Real Risk?  Not Participating/ Providing Support for a Home Purchase?/ Don't Overlook the Effect of Dividends/ Contribution Errors? Review Your TFSA/ In Brief:  Changes to the Taxation of Private Corporations/ Common Retirement Planning Pitfalls

Fall 2017 - Q4

In this Issue:  Do you Have a Positivity Bias?/ Kids Are Back in School/ Joint Ownership/ Final Months of the Year/ $678M Unclaimed? The Value of Consolidation/ Business Owners:  Changes Are Forthcoming/ A Good Reminder:  It's Time, Not Timing

Summer 2017 - Q3

In this Issue:  Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!  Income-Splitting Opportunities/ Canada Savings Bond:  A Relic of a Bygone Era/ Do you Have a Plan in Place - Power of Attorneys/  Online Safety/  Active vs. Passive Strategies/  Summer Brings Fresh Perspectives

Spring 2017 - Q2

In this Issue:  Investing in Periods of Uncertainty/Thinking Ahead/ Investing Food for Thought/ Retirement Planning Tools/ You Asked/ Personal INcome Tax Season

Winter 2017 - Q1

In this Issue:  Resolution Time:  Let's Talk Finances/ Estate Planning/ The Gamma Factor:  It Starts with Saving/  Maintaining Perspective/ Changes Are Imminent/ New Year Resolutions for Your Business

Fall 2016 - Q4

In this Issue:  Retirement: Navigating the Journey/ Capital Gains - Planning for your Estate/ Upcoming Changes to the Canada Pension Plan/ Lessons Learned from Brexit/ Staying Focused:  A Longer-Term Perspective/ The Value of Advice

Summer 2016 - Q3

In this Issue:  Keep Time on Your Side/ You Asked: Your RRSP Questions Answered/ The Benefits of Naming the Estate as Beneficiary/ Changes Are Coming/ Keeping Perspecive:  A History of Bulls and Bears/ Upcoming Changes to Tax-Exempt Life Insurance

Spring 2016 - Q2

In this Issue:  Staying the Course/ Canada Pension Plan Benefits:  The Timing Decision/ Consider Support As You Do Your Taxes/ Monetary Policy - The Rise of Negative Interest Rates/ Personal Income Taxes:  A look Back in Time/ understanding the Fees You Pay

Winter 2016 - Q1

In this Issue:  The Case for Optimism/RRIF Holders:  Using your TFSA to Save Tax/Power of Attorney:  A Checklist/Reminders: RRSP Contributions and RRIF Withdrawals/ Federal Tax Changes Are Expected/ Things to Consider Before Selling Securities

Fall 2015 - Q4  

In this Issue:  A Matter of Time/Investing Fundamentals/Food for Thought/Tax Planning/Being Thankful/Things to Remember During Difficult Economic Times

Summer 2015 - Q3

In this Issue:  Ongoing Challenges of Lower Rates/ Estate Planning/ Differing Perspectives/ Saving Gets a Boost/ Investment FOCUS/ Holding U.S. Assets May Mean U.S. Estate Tax 

Spring 2015 - Q2

In this Issue:  Expect the Unexpected!/ Who is Administering Your Estate?/ Time to Withdraw from Your RESP?/ Family Succession:Passing Along the Business/ Beneficiary Designations& Registered Plan Investments

Winter 2015 - Q1

In this Issue:  Welcome the New Year!/ Words to Reflect Upon/ Dreaming of Warmer Days?/ New Tax Relief/ Forward Thinking/ Investment Resolutions for 2015

Fall 2014 - Q4

In this Issue: Mind Over Matter/ Keeping Current/ You Asked/ Investment Concepts/ Heading South?/ Time Changes Most Things

Summer 2014 - Q3

In this Issue: Back to Basics/ Review Your Plan/ More Changes Anticipated/ Differing Opinions/ Concept Review/ A Handy Tool:The Rule of 72/ The Value of Advice

Spring 2014 - Q2

In this Issue: Risk:That Four-Letter Word?/ Taking Action Today/ Planning Ahead/ Enhancing Your Income in Retirement  

Winter 2014 - Q1

In this Issue:  Pension IncomeSplitting/ Increase YourCPP Payments/ Update YourBeneficiaries/ TFSAs and RRSPs:Why They Matter