Guiding Principles


Five step approach

I follow this five-step approach to wealth management:

Focus and strategy

A disciplined focus & proven strategy

In my years as an Investment Advisor, I have learned that discipline and focus are the keys to successful investing. I can help you set clear objectives, develop an effective plan, and more importantly, execute it successfully.
My job is to make sure you have access to investment opportunities that are right for you and that you benefit from the local and global expertise National Bank Financial offers. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your goals and expectations.

A proven investment strategy

In helping clients create strategies and build portfolios that will enable them to meet their objectives, I rely on a set of principles gained through experience:

  • Always focus on sustainable and consistent growth
  • Informed investors make informed investment decisions
  • An easy to understand investment strategy is usually the most effective
  • Remain accessible and open to questions from your clients at all times

An Investment Advisor for over two decades, I have had the unique privilege of helping a wide range of families and entrepreneurs successfully plan for the future. A graduate of York University with a Bachelor of Arts, I leverage my training and education to craft wealth management solutions unique to each of my clients.

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