Baskets & Private Pools

Although Baskets and Private Pools both present similar fee structures and access to professional portfolio management, they are far from being identical, as each is used to address different investment needs.


Baskets are model portfolios designed by National Bank Financial’s Investment Committee, in which you can invest for a reasonable fee. With a single order to buy, you acquire a diversified selection of stocks. This innovative approach offers you the best of two worlds: you do not have to purchase stocks one at a time, or have to make do with units in a mutual fund, yet you enjoy the benefits of both. You also obtain considerable savings on transaction costs, and profit from professional management. National Bank Financial offers an assortment of baskets: Fixed Income Securities Baskets, Canadian Equity Baskets, U.S. Equity Baskets, International Equity Baskets, and Balanced Baskets.

Private Pools

Our Private Pools and Baskets are similar in the sense that they allow you to benefit from professional portfolio management at an affordable cost. However, with a purchase of a Private Pool, you will hold units therein rather than holding its securities directly. In this way, a Private Pool is much like a mutual fund. As an investor, you will also hold units of a Private Pool in your account. Considering that our Private Pools can meet a wide range of investment needs, they are a very versatile solution. Combining several Private Pools from our selection of fixed-income Private Pools, Canadian equity Private Pools, U.S. and international Private Pools, and multiple asset class Private Pools will allow you to construct a portfolio that is tailored to your needs.