Financial Planning

We can help you plan for retirement, manage your money, plan for your child’s education or carry out a specific project.

Good financial planning* includes a comprehensive and objective analysis of your financial situation as well as an action plan and recommendations that can help you enhance your wealth and achieve a certain level of financial independence. 

Whether you seek to save for your retirement, to learn to better manage your personal debts, to plan for your children’s education or to carry out a considerable project, your advisor will have all the resources required to help you choose a solution that suits your situation. He will help you: 

  • Define your financial objectives;
  • Draft your personal budget and analyze your current status;
  • Evaluate your needs and your future livelihood; and
  • Determine the financial and fiscal strategies that will allow you to manage your assets and liabilities efficiently while maximizing your net worth.

* In Québec, financial planning services are provided by IQPF-registered advisors