Every day I have the privilege of helping people get closer to realizing their dream of financial security. I started in the Canadian financial services industry in 2003 and since then I have established relationships with a wide variety of business owners, retirees and professionals at various points along their journey of wealth creation and wealth preservation. We value each client and ensure they are taking care of by adhering to three simple principles: Commitment, Clarity and Confidence.


At Clinton Orr Wealth Management we are all about Commitment.
Commitment to YOU, Commitment to our Financial Architecture process, Commitment to keeping you informed with ongoing communication and finally, the Commitment to full transparencyy and accountability.

The unwavering commitment from our team results in Clarity.


Clarity in our understanding of your unique need and thus Clarity in your expectations and Clarity in the structure, goals and performance of your portfolio.

The end result - Confidence.


Confidence in our process, Confidence in our team and most importnatly Confidence and peace of mind with your financial plan.