My education and experience allows me to simplify and improve most financial situations. Should you require a more complex solution to satisfy your needs, I have at my disposition, a team of specialists (fiscalists, insurance specialists, succession specialists…) who are willing and able to meet with us and fulfill any of your needs. The three-step process I follow will give you an excellent idea as to why you should do business with me.

• The first step
This first step will serve as a time to get acquainted with each other. We will discuss your goals and objectives. Using your goals and objectives you will see how my service offer can be of value to you.

• The second step
This second step is called the fact finding session. During this step, I will be asking you for some detailed financial information about your current situation. I will also ask you to bring some documents to this meeting in order to be as efficient as possible. After this step, I will work on a plan to present to you and your family.

• The third step
Our third meeting will be my presentation of the plan to you. The plan will include details pertaining to how you will achieve your goals as mentioned in our first meeting. At this third meeting, we will discuss the plan and how to implement it.
Subsequent to your acceptance of the plan, we will meet between 1 and 4 times per year depending on its complexity. These meetings will serve in order to follow-up on what has been done and, discuss results obtained. During these meetings we will also discuss any modifications to your goals and personal information which might have an impact on your plan.

There are 3 main aspects that differentiate my practice from the other investment advisors: communication, quality service and complete retirement planning:

• I’m here to communicate and educate
I believe that communication between an Investment Advisor and his clients is key to succes. I also believe that people want to learn about the markets and other ways they can attain their objectives. Should you have a question, no matter how simple or complex it may be, don't be afraid to ask!

• White glove service
Energetic and willing to help, I will ensure that your business with me is enjoyable and convenient. I commit to offering you an enjoyable experience. My goal is for you to feel as comfortable and looked after as possible.

• Meticulous and complete retirement planning
The best way to prepare for your retirement is to use all of the tools at your disposal. Not only will I be thorough when planning your retirement, but I also commit to putting all of National Bank's tools to work for you.