Our Services

Goal-Based Investing

Strategic management of your short term and long term objectives. We will help identify your goals and create an investment strategy that will achieve the desired results.

Tax Efficiency and Estate Planning

Taxes are the average Canadian family's largest expense. We can help you plan the most efficient course of action when it comes to certain life events such as planning for your retirement, saving for your children's education, selling the family cottage, transferring ownership of your business, or preparing for the next generation.

Wealth Management Services 

Traditional - recommended for $150,000 CAD+

You pay for the execution of our recommendations on a per trade basis.

Advisory - recommended for $250,000 CAD+

Portfolio Management services in one annual management fee. Available Financial Planning.

Managed - recommended for $500,000 CAD+

Portfolio & Wealth Management services with a Financial Plan included in our management fee. We execute all portfolio decisions on your behalf and collaborate with Tax, Estate, Insurance and Legal professionals to ensure your strategy is optimized.

Financial Planning

We offer 3 levels of Financial Planning, beginning with the completion of a Budget, and Balance Sheet. Collaboration with your Accountant, Notary and Family Members is welcome. We present the Plan to our clients upon completion, and then review it together on an annual basis.