What Makes Us Different

Red Carpet Customer Service

Because our team is very flexible, available, and dedicated to high quality service, you can count on us to go the extra mile to ensure you're on the right track.  With our unique database and specialized research, our experienced, cross trained, and multi-lingual team, and our award winning team of economists, lawyers, accountant, and other support staff, we are able to provide you with unparalleled, holistic services.  

Reliability you can count on

You can count on us for all of your financial needs! We've been going strong, with an excellent reputation in the financial community for over 30 years! 

Service you can trust - Socially Responsible Investing

We offer the most Socially Responsible Investment options in Manitoba, being one of the few RIAC Certified Advisors in the province.  These investments are some of the most stable, and strongest performing products on the market, offering the perfect blend for investors looking to grow their capital, their income, and their community!  For more info on Socially Responsible Investing, click here.

Committed to our Community

Our group also has very strong ties to the Manitoba community.  Being sponsors of United Way, Siloam Mission, Christmas Cheer Board, Habitat for Humanity, and the Children’s Wish Foundation.  We have also volunteered within the sports community.  We are committed to helping build a stronger community.  

 Our Approach to Investing - Top Down, Bottom Up 

We use research from National Bank Financial's Chief Economist and Strategist, Stéfane Marion, and Senior Economist Krishen Rangasamy, both of which were ranked in the top three globally for accuracy by Bloomberg.  Our economist team also ranked 1st among Canadian banks for their currency forecasting.  Their research, combined with our experience allows us to provide award winning advice in allocating assets between fixed income, equities, and alternative investments.  You can count on us to keep you on top, even when markets are constantly changing.

Investment Philosophy

The heart of our investment philosophy can be summed up in one word - Diversification.  Investing is like many other things in life - it's preferable to focus on what you can control than on what you can't.  Investment returns are dictated by financial markets which are largely unpredictable over the short term, but investment risk is something which one can control - and the way to do so is with diversification.

We first start by ensuring proper diversification between the major asset classes - the weighting of which will be determined by your risk profile and investment objectives.  Within each asset class, we ensure that there are enough securities to reduce the individual risk associated with any one.   For equities, we try to ensure representation from each of the major economic sectors, picking the best opportunities from around the world.  On the fixed income side, we diversify from triple A credit government bonds, to investment grade corporate bonds, global bonds, and high yield bonds to add more yield.  For taxable accounts we include preferred shares in our fixed income holdings for tax efficiency.  Finally, when appropriate, we will include a small portion of alternative investments to benefit from the negative correlation that this asset class gives.